Mid-Year Update

Mid-Year Update

When I first started this blog I had all these ideas of where I wanted my life to be and where I wanted my blog to go. However life happens and I quickly got enamoured by work, family and friends. I have a new found respect for all bloggers that are able to have new posts weekly or even biweekly while going about their lives.

My very first post I mentioned some of the things that I wanted to achieve in 2017 such as getting a tattoo, working out more often and perfecting my hair regime. So far I have conquered 1/3 of those items, my hair. As mentioned in my last post┬áI have found a regime that works fantastic for me! I have also learned to crochet my hair and I’m currently have faux locs in which I have wanted to do for months now!

Other than that I am not as consistent with my workouts as I’d like to be as well and I have decided to not get a tattoo at the moment. The biggest thing that has happened is I am now in the middle of a career change and I feel completely lost. I have always been indecisive and this is has forced me to face that. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but I feel into my old job accidentally and never had to deal with the fear of what my next moves but now I do.

Although I am currently in this change I have still tried to get the most out of my summer. In these last couple weeks I have been able to try new things and connected with old friends as well as new ones. I have been able to go camping, enjoy the fringe festival and just explore more of Winnipeg.

I’m in such a different place that I was six months ago. In a weird way I am thankful about these changes because I have spent the last couple weeks reassessing things about myself. I have also used this time to spend more time with my friends and family which has been amazing. I have been able to make stronger relationships with them.

I’m not sure whats going to happen in a month or so, I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow let alone today. I’m filled with confusion and uncertainty at the same time I am also excited and trying to have a positive about the future.

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